Well! This lockdown has forced everyone into trying things that they haven’t done before! For us, last weekend it was a VIRTUAL market, which we had never tried before and did not know how to do.

The market was organised by The Roving Canal Traders Association, who helped all the traders with advice and hand holding throughout the run up and during the event. There is going to be one each weekend (at least until we can all get out and about again) and each one will have a different theme. The first one was ‘Artists & Writters’ and this coming weekend is for ‘Makers & Crafters’. Others will be for Food and Clothing, which we will not be part of.

A lot of time was spent getting new products onto the website and posting samples on the market site. But this was all good practice and something we should have been doing before now, but never seemed to find the time to do.

It was really nice to receive orders from customers that we normally see out on the canal and also new people who found us for the first time in our ‘VIRTUAL’ life. Thank you to all of you who browsed and ordered.