Christmas is well and truely over and we can now start looking ahead to the new year. This is the time when we usually concentrate on experimentation and looking at new designs for the coming year.

With work progressing on the second boat and trips up and down between Eastbourne and Birmingham taking up some of our time, we are still trying to come up with new ideas and experimenting with new techniques.

We are developing a new range of abstract dichroic shape pendants and earrings, done on a tack fuse firing schedule. These give lovely vibrant colours and are lighter in weight than some of our other designs. The lower temperature firing means that the shapes are more defined and retain their layered look.

New during 2013 and still in the developement stages, are our frit pendants. These have proved very popular, especially in  Neo Lavender (as on the left of the picture), as these change colour depending on the light. In natural or LED light the colour appears lavender, where as in flourescent light it will change to pale blue.

Due to the way these fruit items are made we are still working on producing matching earrings that will be robust enough to withstand general wear, without compromising the fragile look of the jewellery.