We have had more time this year, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, for experimentation and needed something to keep ourselves occupied while not able to be out on the canals selling.

I had always wanted to try using glass powders to make pictures, so have used some of my time to perfect techniques.

This was how three small pictures went into the kiln……….

…..and this is how they came out!

As you can see the colours change in the firing, so it is difficult to see what you are doing!

I then tried to put this technique into practice for jewellery. It is difficult to do this in very small sizes, so it was a case of making a larger piece to be cut after the initial firing.

This went into the kiln…..

….and this came out.

I then cut this into pendant sized pieces and applied decals before firing again….

….. I was quite pleased with the eventual pendants. A bit different from our normal designs, but different is sometimes good!!