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New Gallery and Workshop Project

We finished a very sucessful summer on the canals at the floating market in the centre of Birmingham, where we not only met up with other traders, but also with the top brass of the Canal and River Trust (CRT). This was particularly usuful for us, as on return to Hawne Basin we were to…
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Fused Glass Jewellery on the Move

We started our Spring cruise in the week before Easter, with the intension of trading over the Easter weekend in Birmingham, but, having arrived at the boat in snow and ice on the basin, we decided it was not practical. So the first week was spent in cruising in very cold windy weather, arriving in…
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Into the New Year

Having survived the pre-Christmas round of craft fairs and farmers market, we come into January and February, which we treat as a quiet time for experimenting and developing new styles and techniques. We are moving our home studio (only to another room), and this will allow us to use our cold working power tools more…
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From Windmill End to Mile End

We always intended to move onto our narrowboat, but didn’t want to wait until we retired like many others, so the glass jewellery making offered a chance to make a small living and a challenge at the same time. The timescale was flexible and there were always important things to do first British Waterways delivered…
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Launch of the new Website

The new website went live this week with our diary dates, contact form and images. Most websites have a blog and as we have a very interesting summer planned we will try and keep this blog updated with our adventures. In the Autumn we hope to add a shopping area to the website as well…
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